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Information provided on this website is to assist with proper legal dispersal of cremated human remains.  Laws and regulations may vary in your location.  Consult with local officials or your funeral director for specific detail in your location.
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SeaCase Urn - Resource

We provide you with links to bereavement resources.

Hospice A good grief counsel source

Wittenburg Gate One Christian perspective on dying  Teen bereavement source

WebMD  Medical site with grieving articles and many other helps

Martha Tousley - bereavement for siblings and others.

Devotionals and direction:  Charles Swindoll site

Family Resource:  Focus on the Family site

Student  Grief and Coping


Money Geek  Survivor guide to insurance benefits
Scatter Charter   Clearwater, FL
National scattering Services
Everlasting Hug  keepsake urns for pets, charity donations