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SeaCase® Urns, Inc
Information provided on this website is to assist with proper legal dispersal of cremated human remains.  Laws and regulations may vary in your location.  Consult with local officials or your funeral director for specific detail in your location.
SeaCase® Urns, Inc.
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The SeaCase Urn is:

Biodegradable Because It Is Made Of Natural Materials,making it Green Burial considerate
Creative Because It Is Designed To Float On The Water In Demonstration and in function, providing a bit of flare to the whole process of saying good-by to your loved one.
Memorable Because Of The Visual Uniqueness Of This Respectful  Last Memorial Ceremony.
Engineered To Minimize Scattering Misfortunes And To Provide For Ease Of Use In Your Ceremony.
Unique Because They Are Hand Made In The USA, Custom For Each Order, Not Pressed In A Machine
Very Personal Because It Can Be Used As A Base To Your Own Expression Through Personal Applications, Paint, Flowers, Photos, Flags And So Forth
Enduring Presence Because It Creates A Memorial With A Small Brass Plaque When It Sinks To it's Resting Place.
Our Products offer a flexible means to perform a custom final ash scattering ceremony  over the water with a unique containment urn shaped like a typical yacht  tender.  It also lends itself to a pyre ceremony.  Green Burial considerate, this boat urn does it all, plus.
Those quiet moments lost in reflection.  Memories and times not to be forgotten.
contemplating the scattering service

Wooden Boat Concept Ash Scattering Urn

display of both scattering and keepsake urn
May we Introduce a unique and hand made product to use in your ocean ash scattering ceremony. The SeaCase Urn is a functioning ash scattering boat specifically designed to make your farewell service stand out as special.  Learn why this could be your Urn of choice for open water ash scattering services.
SeaCase Urn with beautiful beach background and ocean wave.

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Many families are considering cremation for their loved one, concluding with a beautiful ceremony on the ocean or lake. With a little planning, this can be a wonderful alternative to the average funeral service. The SeaCase Urn is designed to enhance your ash scattering service. It is also designed with materials that are bio-degradable. At the same time, there is an element of permanence in it's ability to create a long lasting memorial. It is truly a unique scattering urn product in a market place where there is so much to choose from. If you are considering a scattering service on the water, we hope you will take some time to get to know our simple product. SeaCase Urns are American made, hand crafted ash scattering urns designed specifically to create a unique memory of a final important closure moment in your life and those around you.