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The message here from Pat Finke and the photo of Kennan are explained in other location.  It was in fact a Viking style funeral, using the SeaCase as a burial at sea pyre, burning to the waterline and sinking. Such a memory for all, and fitting to the life of Ken.  Such a beginning for a small boat urn

Thanks to many for the encouragement in this adventure.  We never hear from all those who have used the SeaCase in their final ceremonies.  We may in fact have been less than perfect for some.  If that is true it has been graciously hidden from us.  For this family however, the Seacase was the bomb.

On these following pages you will find testimonies from other users of the SeaCase Urn.  Each one is amazing.  We are proud to have been a small part of creating memories.  We feel honored for the sharing and the stories told.  Please take your time.  Listen to the background music as you wish.

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Memorial to a great friend
viking style funeral
SeaCase water body scattering urn on the beach
Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for creating a memorable event. The boat was perfect and I wish you much success. The rain was good....washing away some sadness. The fireworks were definitely in the Spirit of Kennan.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Much Love,
Can you hear the seagulls in the background.  This is a great location for a scattering service
The SeaCase was PERFECT!  My niece hired a boat to take the dinghy out to the lighthouse in York, Maine. (The Nubble Lighthouse, very famous, the most photographed lighthouse on the Maine Coast).  We had beach roses and wild flowers and several notes / scrolls, tied with red ribbon on the dinghy deck.   The boat captain lowered the dinghy into the water with the items placed on the deck, which sank almost immediately and everything that was on the deck floated for a few minutes in the area where it went down, the captain stood at attention.  It was very moving.  We had smiles and tears and waves.  We all silently said our goodbyes, and wished Deane bon voyage….He would have loved it.

Thank you both again for being so wonderful during this emotional time. You helped all of us give Deane the unusual send off that he wanted.

As ever

Hi Mike,
I just wanted to let you know that the urn worked beautifully.
It was a wonderful way to send my boyfriend off.
I know he would have been very pleased.
It gently floated away and sank as promised.
It was a very moving moment.
Thank you.
Dinah L.
When I first opened this letter to the right from Linda Hartman, I thought I had received a scathing letter of criticism of the SeaCase. My heart was heavy.   I have never been so wrong.  The report of the families service was so touching and humbling at the same time.  It caused us here to reflect and picture the beauty of that memorial. 

We have chosen to present this review of  “The Little Boat” in it’s original format. 

Thank you Linda.  Peace to you and yours always.  We are grateful you chose us to help.

Dear Michael,
I can't thank you enough. Everyone kept asking where the boat came from. Several said they have been to many ceremonies, but nothing like this. We had the ceremony in a church, then 40-45 of her friends and family went on a private ferry boat on the Connecticut river, and launched the boat there. After the boat sank, the ferry captain fired a cannon.

It was amazing.
Thank you again

Steve A.
Dear Michael

Attached are some photos of Richard and Verna’s final voyage.  At first glance, people might think…what a shame, it was not a very nice day or they may think it is sad that the boats did not sail side-by-side.  However, every picture tells a story.  These pictures perfectly tell the story of Richard and Verna.

I sometimes refer to my parent’s life together as a tragic love story.  Young and in love they married with all the hopes and dreams young and in-love couples have.  Over the first ten years of their marriage, they enjoyed the births of five children and my father’s rising success in his career.  The years that followed were not as they hoped-many struggles, pain and hardships.  They drifted apart under the weight of the stress and sadness.  They came together for times of joy and celebration.  Through it all, near and far, they stayed together.  So, it is fitting, on that overcast day as the boats launched that they seemed to drift alone.  As the boats neared the buoy, they met up with each other.  My mother’s boat seemed to take the straight and narrow course while my fathers strayed.  Before the boats came together, my father’s sail yielded and fell onto the deck…it was then his boat coasted close to hers.  Once the boats met, they sank simultaneously-together, at peace, at last.  Thank you for providing such wonderfully crafted, one-of-a-kind, biodegradable boat urns.  Everyone was impressed with the boats and ceremony.  A number of family members told other family members to make a note that their wishes are to have a send-off like Mom and Dad’s.

Susan C.

family gathering
Sister Susan above

Brother Stephen below
Hello from SeaCase;

Each of the testimonies on this page is unique and special.  Many are deeply moving.  We here at SeaCase are very honored to be a part of these families and others as they say their goodbye.  This particular family above and below this note has created some exceedingly special memories.  We respectfully submit the story of the Brother Stephen to the story of Sister Susan listed above. Stephens'  wife Mary passed recently and her send off in Sea Isle in the little SeaCase will be an enduring memory.  I can feel their sweet spirit and the love that surrounds that family.

May Peace and Blessing rest upon your families and friends always


flower urn
Bagpipes for Mary
In the tradition of Mary’s presence
As we gathered to say farewell, share the love upon our hearts and reunite our loved one with the universe-earth and sea
Oh, what a beautiful vessel which carried you to sea
Oh, what a beautiful vessel which you have been to me.
We lovingly jest of extended goodbyes, but know in our hearts you are never far.
You leave upon this earth, in our care, your essence of joy, compassion and care.
Oh, what a beautiful vessel which carried you to sea.
Oh, what a beautiful vessel which you have been to me.
As we take stock in a life well lived, the imprint of yours is seared in our hearts.
Your gestures and words, your prayers and thoughts will ripple through time as the waves on which you depart
Lovingly carried past the incoming tides and gently set free; Reunited with the universe the earth and the sea.
Oh, what a beautiful vessel which carried you to sea
Oh, what a beautiful vessel which you have been to me.
Your exuberant laugh, insights shared gently or bold never fell short of the love that you held
Each gentle ripple and crashing wave will remind of us of you and the love that you gave.
You allowed us to witness and share that tender soul that you laid bare… authentically loving with unabashed charm.
As days and months and years move on we will see you in glimpses near and afar, we will hear you in whispers and know you are not far.  You have left an indelible mark, we are never alone, you are not far.
Oh, what a beautiful vessel which carried you to sea.
Oh, what beautiful vessels we’ve become touched by you.
We shall treasure and honor your gifts bestowed by the caring community we now hold.
Ocean ash scattering with SeaCase
Carl's last earthly sail
Dear Sirs:
Thank you for your timely support of my father's final voyage -- he sailed into the sunset as he had requested. The boat stayed afloat for approximately 9 minutes before gently disappearing into the sea. It was both beautiful and quite moving. We have no problem with displaying the video and emails on your site. The SeaCase urn was very well constructed, beautifully painted and finished, and worked as advertised. Also, after talking with many of the participants, we appreciated having the 9 minutes or so from launch to submergence. We held a brief service on-board prior to the launch of the SeaCase Urn. Following the launch, we had ample opportunity to reflect on my Dad's life while repositioning the sail boat a couple of times in order to watch the urn "sail into the sunset" -- as my Dad had requested.

Thanks again for the memories

Ken and Nelia Bixby

22 may, 2010
Hi Mike,

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for this amazing product/experience. My grandpas final send off was beyond perfect and your product allowed his final wishes to be possible. I hope you got to watch the 2 prior video/audio documentary series I had sent you about him, would be happy to resend if you did not.

Staurt was a very unique person and very valued to the community here in East Hampton. We had about 200 people on board the ship that day, it was actually the ferry boat that runs between Montauk Point and Block Island. Below is a link to the video that a family friend and local photographer produced and filmed for us of the actual event. I will also send along some pictures as well. my family and I cannot thank you enough, you made a truly amazing and unique experience possible.
Hi Mike,

Below is what I mentioned to you earlier.

The first part has a 5 min video portion and 50mins of audio.

Part 2 is contains about 15mins of video and another hour of audio.

Part 1:
Part 2: is the main website and its episodes 10 and 11. There is more to come of this story too....
Enjoy !


The service for Maria Perilla
was simply beautiful.  
I've enclosed some photos from last week Sunday Morning, 8-19.  Please feel free to use them on your site.  The crinkled tissue paper was made to look like red, white and blue paper flowers.  They were glued on top of the boat by spray adhesive.  On top of the mast, we used copper wiring to hold on the tiny Norwegian flag.  Underneath, I placed the ashes in between the two bulkheads and two letters, one from my brother, shaped like an Origami butterfly, and one from me, with a $1 bill in it.  Dad will need it for the trip to Valhalla, anyway.   The canon fuse, all coiled up on top of the tissue paper, was tied on the hemp cord attached to the middle of the boat hatch.  We transferred the boat using the box on the charter and went out to sea. It was me, Peter Dahl, the Charter boat captain, and the boat.  After pouring Ketel One Vodka and Bacardi 151 Rum on the boat, I tried to light it, but found it lit best with some lighter fluid I had around.  After that, it worked, as you could tell from the pictures.  I gave Peter Dahl a copy of the instructions, since he was thinking about making something like this for himself as well.  This is a link for Happy Hooker charters, his business, Peter was a great guy to be with.


John Martinson
Norwegian Ocean Ash Scattering

PS: As an idea, I asked the Charter Captain to give us the GPS coordinates for Dad's burial.  Once given, I will purchase a nautical map with his exact location and stamp it with a Maltese Cross, and frame the map with a brass plaque underneath.  Just like a shipwreck.  Nice, eh?


In the afterglow of a water ash scattering
To Mike ,
Thank you very much for the seacase urn , I am so pleased with it !
It is so fitting for my late Husband ,he was born on the Ocean he worked on the Ocean,
He was cruising on the Ocean.
So thank you so much he can go back to the Ocean!

Thank you !
Ilse S. !

Hi Mike,
I want to let you know how pleased we were with your urn which was perfect.
40 friends and relatives were on board the Fort Desoto ferry ,St Petersburg Florida and we set the tone for the evening with a playlist of big band music and Frank Sinatra songs to celebrate the life of Lindsay,a real gentleman,husband ,father and grandpa.
The urn was beautifully made and finished with a sail which had an American flag atop as although Lindsay was English he so loved America and his wish was to stay here.
It was a warm ,perfect evening and the sun was going down.

Family Ocean Ash Scattering
The SeaCaseUrn was launched  by his brothers bedecked with red and white rose petals and drifted quietly  away.Everyone had a handful of petals to toss after the urn. It was really quite beautiful.The sun was setting and the urn drifted back towards our ferry boat. It was alongside when it started to sink then went down very quickly leaving a trail of rose petals.
Unbelievably,as it it sunk an airplane flew low over the boat like a fly past.It was incredible as Lindsays career was with an airline and he loved flying.Where the aircraft came from I have no idea.
Lindsay is now with the dolphins  and fishes which is exactly where he wanted to be.
The memory of that day will stay with me forever.
Without your urn it could not have happened.
Thank you Mike
Pauline amd Alex
Ps. You may use this as a testimonial if you wish.
BrownJohn ocean scattering
BrownJohn Ocean ash scattering

   I just wanted to thank you. Sending Mom off in style could not have gone any more perfect than it did. I have attached some pictures to show you how beautiful and fitting it was. 

Thank you,

Steve Harper

Beautiful oceqan ash scattering
Sunset with SeaCase ocean scattering urn
Pretty dusk with Scattering urn out a ways in the water, calm seas
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