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Information provided on this website is to assist with proper legal dispersal of cremated human remains.  Laws and regulations may vary in your location.  Consult with local officials or your funeral director for specific detail in your location.
There are no requirements for permits or licenses for ocean scattering services in Florida at this time.  You don't need to be anybody with "special" qualifications.  Scattering Services  are often done within the family group with personal boats.  These are usually accomplished in a larger yacht for the sake of many folks that may wish to attend.  A flotilla is also possible to coordinate. However, the EPA does request that they be notified within (30) days of the scattering.  If you desire, provided is a link to an easy to fill out official form and a FAQ sheet for your use.    EPA Form.
It is not permitted to scatter ashes in a fresh water body of water in Florida.  You would be within the law to scatter ashes  near the lake, but not in a pile or mound.  The cremains must be scattered. If property is privately owned, you must obtain the permission of the owner .

Do it yourself ash scattering

Other Options

Scattering Services providers are available for many areas.  Putting a group together can be as easy as a phone call or two.  In the case of a open water ceremony, the Captain can provide you with the GPS coordinates of the site where your service was conducted.  You could return to the area and relive your memories of the ceremoney.  Many folks do.
     We also want you to know that many Mortuaries will take your ashes to sea and spread them for a low cost.  This would be known as an unattended service, and you would probably not want a SeaCase urn for this instance. They will deliver the ashes to the water from a plastic bag in a box on a schedule determined by them. You may want to request the G.P.S. numbers where the scattering took place however.  You could return to the spot in the future if you wanted to using any standard GPS device.  Some Phones are capable of locating using gps coordinates.

A special state requirement could also apply in some locations.  For example, in California, there is only a 500 yard restriction. Be sure to check your states requirements, or simply consult with the Funeral Director or Cremation Director.

Water body scattering exception

Why use a SeaCase Urn?

You may not want a SeaCase for your ceremony, we understand. Many folks simply pour the ashes into the water. But it is worth noting that the ocean is seldom wind free.  Cremains are light and can be carried by the wind to places you would not necessarily enjoy experiencing.  We would recommend you use a container of some sort rather than just pouring the ash over the side.  If you do wish to keep your ceremony simple, be sure to be aware of the wind conditions where you are.

General Ash Scattering Information

Overview of EPA requirements for ash scattering

The EPA has issued a general permit under the Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act (MPRSA to authorize the burial of human remains at sea. (reg 40 CFR 229.1).  Non-biodegradable objects, plastic flowers, wreaths, or other synthetic artificial man made objects are not permitted. Natural materials, natural flowers, wood, etc are permitted. In general, the State of Florida requires compliance with the Environmental Protection Agencies regulations that Human cremains or ashes should be scattered in the salt water ocean at least (3) miles from any coastline. 
Use of a SeaCase can have advantages.  Not only are the cremains contained, but the final memories of the slowly sinking urn will last forever. The Memorial Plaque aspect of this urn is truly unique.  Your SeaCase will come with a deployment tips guide.  Our instruction booklet will help you conduct a flawless final send-off.  A unexplainable peace will settle upon your heart as you watch your SeaCase float away and sink.
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