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Information provided on this website is to assist with proper legal dispersal of cremated human remains.  Laws and regulations may vary in your location.  Consult with local officials or your funeral director for specific detail in your location.
Why use an urn at all? Why not just pour the ashes into the water?
You can do that. Be sure it is not too windy out or you could be wearing the ashes. On the ocean, a really calm day is somewhat rare. We recommend using a container of some type, whether you get it from us or not.
When we have our scattering, how will we ever be able to revisit the place where were again?
If you use a Scattering Service, the Captain will be able to provide you with the G.P.S. numbers. We expect this science to be around a while. With these numbers, you will be able to return to the almost exact spot anytime in the future. See for more information about the science.
How long does the Urn take to sink?
It is designed to submerge in about five (5) minutes, but that can vary slightly. We can design it to sink faster if you request.
Eleven (11) Pounds overall weight is considered about max. That provides a good flexibility if you wish to add items.
What is the total capacity of the Urn?
Yes you could if that is what you desire. Sealing it with a silicone would provide 10 years of seal, which would outlast the wood. Eventually, all that would be left would be the brass Name Plaque.
Could we use the urn as a burial coffin in the earth?
Should we seal the lid to the hull?
No, it is not designed to be a coffin. In fact, if you seal the chamber lid, the boat will be sealed with a large air pocket and sinking would be greatly delayed.
Please see our Green Statement link on the concepts page.
How quickly will the Urn Breakdown?
You show a SeaCase being burned on your "Testimonies" page. Do you have instructions for doing that?
We do not have written instructions, but with a little cannon fuse, it is fairly easy. We don’t recommend trying it on a rainy or really windy day.
Can I get a custom color?
We are willing to work with you. Special arrangements can be made. Most times, at this stage at lease, there is little need for rush in delivery. Schedules can be a little flexible. Handmade products offer you more control in the final product if you so desire.
I would like to keep a small reminder of my loved one on the mantle. Can I use the Seacase for that?
Most certainly you should consider the Keepsake SeaCase Urn for that.
I have pet cremains I would like to keep on the mantle.
A Keepsake SeaCase  will work for you too.
Has anyone ever used this to launch fireworks?
Yes, it was quite a sight! Again, cannon fuse is a key to success.
Why not use a triangle sail like modern boats?
Today’s boats are more able to tack into the wind because of these sails spilling of the wind in conjunction with the deep keel or dagger and a rudder. Our Urn does not have a keel or dagger, and a sail of this type would make it very unstable and sail sideways. However, if you really desire that, arrangements might be possible.
Why is the sail shaped like a pyramid with a flat top?
In times gone by, ships were rigged with versions of square sails. There were almost always at least 3 on a mast, and so they formed this general overall shape as a group. Square-riggers were more directional (with the wind) sailing vessels. They relied on the trade winds a lot back then, able to go where the winds would take them mostly. This sail shape and location will allow the urn to move in a fashion that looks normal, and in a predictable direction.

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