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This is a tempory site intended to provide answers and files to the subject of Largo Fl changes to Ordinance 2024-01 section11-78 and others.  Questions to

appendix b right of way illustration

Introduction and Review / comment package dated and submitted 10-10-2023.  provided to be distributed 10-10  This is a large file, so be patient.

appendix c municipal comparisons

appendix e  GVWR study

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Existing ordinance 11-17




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Largo city Agenda Item Report Cover101723

Please call or e-mail your Commissioner or Mayor and tell them "We wish to retain Largo municipal code 11-78 as written.  Vote NO to the proposed revised versions of this parking ordinance2024-01 section 11-78".


This new ordinance allows 1 RV in front of property in any configuration, 1 Rv in side or back,

1 commercial vehicle in the front and 1 commercial vehicle in side or back.  These objects will no longer be considered unsightly or prohibited.


We need people to show up at the meetings also.  We need the show of strength.



Proposed changes, first reading 10-17-23


sec. 11-73  definitions

Section 11-78 





UPDATE  11-2-2023



As of this date, it looks like the Largo Commissioners will be presenting a revised version of the ordinance 2024-1 in the next meeting November 7, 2023 as the second and final reading.  They do not intend to void the previous reading on 10-17-2023 per normal procedure.  I am very disappointed. The curb appeal of our Largo neighborhoods with small parcels will predictably take a dive.  Parking in the streets and on the right of way will now become a bigger problem. 


There is little chance of this changing path now.  Strong display of public opinion is the only tool left. You must show up at the next meeting to have a chance. Everyone must do something to persuade the Commissioners. Curtis Holmes was the ONLY Commissioner to vote NO on 10-17-2023.  He might be our only hope to stop this budget driven agenda.  Below is the letter I sent 10-24-2023 asking for his help.


City of Largo Florida

201 Highland Ave N.

Largo, FL

re:  Revisions to ordinance 11-78.d.1.e (and) 11-78.d.1.f


Dear Commissioner Holmes


As a long standing political leader in our community, you understand the power of compromise.  As you are aware, I am against the changing of 11-78 from a functional perspective.  I believe the current version could use a few improvements for clarity.  I do not believe the revisions being discussed for the above listed portions should be incorporated.. However, if compromise is needed, I would be inclined as follows, based upon my provided comparison chart.


Clearwater allows (1) boat on trailer less than 25' long in the front with a few parking restrictions. All others, and those more than 20' long, to be in side or back yards with 6' fence.  Can we get that?  We also wouldn't want the boat taller than the house it is next to, so less than 9' would be good.  Hard surface parking would be nice.


Belleair, Oldsmar, St. Petersburg, Clearwater do not allow RV trailer, campers, trailers, etc in front setback in any configuration.  One exception via special 14 day permit issued from city to property owner as conducted by the city of Belleair. That allows for family relief.


Light commercial vehicles would be less than 22' long, 7' wide , less than 8' tall by Dunedin standards.  Vehicle would be parked parallel to existing parking on a prepared surface such as in St. Petersburg.  Graphics and lettering limited to 50% of vehicle surface per St. Petersburg standards. GVWR would be less than 12,500 per Tarpon Springs provisions.  Only (1) light commercial vehicle would be allowed on residential property.  These folks are contributing service and money to our community, but there must be limits on turning our residences into parking lots for industry.


I hope that is helpful in your effort to stop this destruction of Largo's progress in desirable standing within Pinellas county.   How else may I support you?


Respectfully yours

Michael Peltier


UPDATE 11-21-2023


The Ordinance 2024-01 is scheduled for second reading 11-21-23.  It looks like they will ignore the opportunity to revise this ordinance correctly, eliminating wording issues.  The department from the top to the bottom will be able to pass judgment as they see fit due to the arbitrary definitions of given situations.  They changed the wording on the first reading to limit RV lengths on property, but missed all the other problem points such as parking in the street, fencing, size of commercial vehicles and others as listed previously.  I can only express sorrow that Largo will become a much junkier place to live in.    PLEASE come out to express your concerns at the meeting tonight anyway at the pubic comment segment.    Short of a no vote, or a motion to postpone indefinitely to further clarify and correct it, they clearly are in it for themselves and wish to be voted out.


feel free to reach out if you have any questions.



UPDATE 11-22-2023

The holes in this ordinance are too numerous to go over again at this moment.  Last night the Mayor and Commissioners proved the very point I have been declaring, that these ordinances allow too much arbitrary interpretation to be considered definitive law.  Background: read 11-73.k  then read  11-78.d.1.e and 11-78.d.1.c   You must also go to the video of the meeting last night to see with your own eyes our commission in utter confusion about how to define this ordinance.  (    Start at Public Hearing Item #10.    Witness wasting taxpayer money presenting materials not yet ready for prime time.  Witness our commissioners and mayor backpedal and give vague direction to the code department to rework the ordinance for the third time.  Note the lack of clarity on trailer length, suggesting a 10' difference. with a overall length of perhaps 35 feet?    I believe our mayor and commissioners did not think of the RV at 35' long in the front yard door that they are opening with their statements.  (This is like a peel-o-matic commercial,  "But wait, there is more!")  A new topic is introduced as the mayor suggested perpendicular parking on a hardened surface as a standard, also used in surrounding cities.  I think that is great, but it will eliminate almost all boats and motor homes as they will without doubt infringe on the right of way, sidewalk or not.  There will be a lot of Arbitrary enforcements in this department. 

All this and more just illustrates with yellow marker how this ordinance is not yet good law or a display of good leadership. There are multiple other areas of this that need fixing to keep the law clear and easily understandable.  Not everyone will be happy.  Politicians will have to work for the good of the city.  This ordinance must go back to committee.  This committee must have outside the circle members. Move to "Postpone Indefinitely" seems to be the path to take killing the existing ordinance and allowing for it to be revised and represented in the near future.  What do I know. Watch for updates on this mess.