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Information provided on this website is to assist with proper legal dispersal of cremated human remains.  Laws and regulations may vary in your location.  Consult with local officials or your funeral director for specific detail in your location.
A SeaCaseĀ® is a unique boat ash scattering urn for use in your ocean cremation scattering ceremony. This Urn is a biodegradable functioning wooden ash scattering boat specifically designed to float away and slowly sink, making your farewell service stand out as special. Simple, hand made, and remarkable, this wood boat urn  should be your Urn of choice for water ash burial at sea or lake ceremonial ash scattering service.

Burial at sea is special with a SeaCaseĀ®.  You embark on new levels of memorial service.  This floating biodegradable cremation urn will allow for personal expression.   Handmade in America to order, in colors of your choosing.  Designed to be practical and simple with a proven track record of "Memory Making" performance. Included with your SeaCase is a small brass plaque as a memorial marker, customized for your cremation ceremony.  A simple sail is also available to send off your SeaCase.   

Our Products offer a flexible means to perform a custom final ash scattering ceremony  over the water with a unique containment urn shaped like a typical yacht  tender.  It also lends itself to a pyre ceremony.  Green Burial considerate, this boat urn does it all, plus.

Wooden Boat  Ocean Ash Scattering Urn

display of both scattering and keepsake urn
SeaCase Urn with beautiful beach background and ocean wave.

A Cremation Ceremonial Burial Urn to use on  Bodies of Water

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